Bonitech Web Designs

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How can anyone navigate through todays complicated web interfaces that display on PCs Tablets and Smartphones alike, then there are OS, Android, iOS, Windows and BB operating systems. There is so much you need to know?
Our innovative approach to web services is just what you need to simplify your life. Take advantage of our low cost professional services for all your web need. Our web design are sourced from well proven functional designs and adapted to your needs, from simple website complete with integration, to a professional site that includes merchandising, all our templates include plain text global menus for easy updates when adding new pages. That includes site map allowing you to expand your website as much as your project requires. This also allows you to sort pages into sections and add unlimited pages linkage to your website.

Graphic Design

imageWe offer a complete suite of graphic art and imaging services that ranges from custom graphics for use on your small business or will create a new corporate identity, logo, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, catalogues, ads, we'll help you coordinate all these traditional means of advertising, and with over 30 years in the printing industry, we should be able to make the all process easy. We also take the appropriate steps to ensure maximal acceptance and recognition by the major search engines.